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Being a husband, father, son, brother, grandfather, graduate, veteran, laboratorian, entrepreneur, artist, film producer, and more has bestowed upon me a profound appreciation for the richness of life's experiences. My role as a husband and father fills my days with love, shared dreams, and the privilege of nurturing a family. As a son and brother, I carry the values and traditions passed down through generations, cherishing the unbreakable bonds that tie us together. Becoming a grandfather has brought newfound joys as I witness the world through the eyes of a next generation.

Graduating college marked a significant milestone in my journey, representing my unwavering commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. Serving as a US Navy veteran instilled in me the values of discipline, courage, and a deep sense of duty to others.

In my professional life, I explore the wonders of science as a dedicated laboratorian, delving into the intricacies of scientific discovery and innovation. My artistic pursuits allow me to express my creativity and emotions, offering a unique outlet for self-expression. As an entrepreneur, I eagerly embrace the challenges and opportunities of the business world, continually seeking innovative solutions. Additionally, my role as a film producer enables me to bring captivating stories to life on the big screen, weaving narratives that resonate with audiences around the world.

Each of these roles contributes to the rich tapestry of my identity, shaping my path and inspiring me to embrace the diverse and beautiful medley of life's experiences, both personal and professional.

Alaska Light Sky
My Recent Books
Noah and Throwa
The Story of Noah and Throwa
"The Story of Noah and Throwa, the Throw-Away Elf," young Noah discovers Throwa, a discarded elf toy, he learns about Throwa's past in Santa's workshop and his subsequent feelings of abandonment.
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Noah and MonaLisa
Whispers from the Canvas
In the sprawling corridors of the Louvre, young Noah, an early art enthusiast, feels an inexplicable pull towards the iconic painting of the Mona Lisa.

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Noah's Shadow
Shadow Adventures
In the sunlit town of Luminara, young Noah's curiosity leads him to capture his mischievous shadow using a magical net. To his amazement, the captured shadow reveals otherworldly tales and landscapes on his bedroom walls.
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Noah and the Rotary
Echoes from the Rotary
In a nostalgic setting, a curious toddler named Miles unearths an antique rotary phone in his family's attic. This isn't any ordinary phone; it's a portal to the past, enabling Miles to communicate with departed family members.
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I want to do something splendid… Something heroic or wonderful that won’t be forgotten after I’m dead… I think I shall write books.
- Louisa May Alcott